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Wound Care.

Wound care refers to specific types of treatment for pressure sores, skin ulcers and other wounds that break the skin. Pressure ulcers also called “bed sores” and referred to medically as decubitus ulcers are wounds that commonly develop at pressure points on the body when the weight of an immobilized individual rests continuously on a hard surface such as a mattress or wheelchair. Uninterrupted pressure is the cause of pressure sores and relieving the pressure is the mainstay of wound care. Other wounds that may benefit from specialized wound care techniques are diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic ulcers caused by injury, arterial and vein ulcers caused by lack of circulation, and burns.



​SANTYL-SANTYL Ointment is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that removes dead tissue from wounds so they can start to heal. Proper wound care management is important to help remove nonliving tissue from your wound properly. 

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