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In addition to fulfilling your specialty medication prescriptions via mail on time every time, Todt Hill Pharmacy will ensure you are properly educated on your medication, and that you have access to support and assistance programs, if necessary.

Todt Hill Pharmacy services are designed to fully support you in getting in the information, support and appropriate medications according to your needs.

They include:

Prescription Coordination and Fulfillment 
Working with your Prescriber and managed care provider to ensure you get and have on time the appropriate specialty. 

Prior Authorizations with Payors 
Sometimes with specialty medications, insurance companies (Payors) require the ability to authorize appropriate use of a particular medication. Todt Hill Pharmacy works with Payors and Prescribers to facilitate the Prior Authorization process.

Compliance Education 
Not all specialty medications are the same, and sometimes require education around how to administer and adhere to them. Todt Hill Pharmacy is here to help with education and training around your specialty medication.

Support & Financial Assistance Programs Enrollment 
Obtaining and adhering to specialty medications can sometimes present a challenge. Todt Hill Pharmacy helps you by sourcing and facilitating enrollment in both support programs and programs dedicated to financial assistance with specific specialty medications.

Free Overnight Delivery 
Todt Hill Pharmacy understands the importance of adherence and having enough medication supply on hand. For this reason, we provide free shipping overnight, if necessary to ensure you get your medications on time. Todt Hill Pharmacy delivers to all five Boroughs and New Jersey. 

Refill Reminders 
So you don’t have to,  Todt Hill Pharmacy has a system set up to personally call, remind, verify and schedule your medications for refill or renewal prior to when you need them. You’ll speak with a real person who can answer questions and help you through the process – all without a computer-generated call. We call it EASY REFILL.

Sometimes you have specific questions about your specialty medication that requires the expertise of a clinician or pharmacist. Count on Todt Hill Pharmacy to be a phone call away when you need us. 

Local, High-touch and Personal Service 
Todt Hill Pharmacy has local representatives stationed in every state we serve. What’s more, our team of dedicated, real and personable experts will reach out you, and are available when you need us to make a difference.

For Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired or Non-English Speakers, click here. 

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