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Because of the unique nature and higher costs of many specialty medications, insurers (Payors) sometimes require additional information and written verification from Prescribers (your doctor) in order to confirm the appropriateness of a particular medication or therapy. This process is known as prior authorization.

The prior authorization process itself can vary by patient condition, medication, Payor formulary, policy, and individual circumstance. It can also be time-consuming and, at times, complicated. Prior authorizations typically involve communication, administration and an exchange of paperwork among your Prescriber, Payor, and Pharmacy. This is another example of where Todt Hill Pharmacy is here to help you.

Regardless of the particular prior authorization requirement and circumstance, you can count on Todt Hill Pharmacy to assist you and to efficiently work with your Prescriber and Payor to navigate the process on your behalf so that a determination for the most appropriate medication option can be reached quickly. Leave it to us.

Have questions or want to know more about the prior authorization process? Contact us.

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