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Todt Hill Pharmacy refill process is all about making things easier for you. We’ve designed a process supported by people who are proactive and knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining your supply of specialty medications.

Todt Hill Pharmacy refill specialists take charge of your refill process on behalf of you. We electronically monitor your refill schedule and make a personalized outbound call to you based on your individual scheduled refill frequency.

Our specialists will make multiple attempts to reach you, confirm your supply of medication and, if necessary, obtain your verbal approval to refill the prescription.

Todt Hill Pharmacy refills your specialty medication prescription for you from the convenience of your home. And, your preferred payment method is kept securely on file to cover any co-pays. Even better: Todt Hill Pharmacy covers shipping costs to you.

Finally, if your prescription should expire, Todt Hill Pharmacy has the ability to handle requesting a prescription renewal from your Prescriber on your behalf. We usher the prescription through any verification with your doctor and managed care provider, and ensure a smooth and efficient fulfillment process for you.

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