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You are a Person, Not Just a Patient.

Todt Hill Pharmacy sees you as a person first. We are in the business of helping others. To us, you are not simply a "patient" or someone with an "illness." These references do not define you. Therefore, we hire people, build technology and design programs that benefit you in ways that matter to you. 

Introductory Calls

Part of our high-touch system of care is making an introductory call from one of our patient care coordinators to every Patient. Count on this from us.

Turnkey Prescription Process Management
For specialty medications, in particular, the prescription process can be complicated, and not every pharmacy can address the needs of Patients requiring specialty medication fulfillment. Todt Hill Pharmacy was created to make this process easier, simpler and better for you.


An Easier Refill Process 

Once a specialty medication prescription is filled, keeping up with refills can be a challenge. Leave it to us to help remind you on a regular basis, verify your supply and manage the refill process from end to end.

The Recertification Process 
Often with specialty medications, Payors require you and your Prescriber to re-certify and verify your medical need annually, and according to potential changes in Payor formulary positions. We at Todt Hill Pharmacy will help you through this process by working with Payors and Prescribers on your behalf.

A Focus on Solutions 
We want you to be well and happy. For this reason, we at Todt Hill Pharmacy focus on solutions. Whether it’s education, proactive follow up or connecting your doctor and your insurer for a more expedient prescription process, we want to demonstrate the kind of care that makes a difference for you.

A Call or Click Away  
Much like a local pharmacy, we want to ensure a sense of personal care from real people. Whatever we can do to assist you, please let us know . We’re here to help.

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